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O’Neil Software Announces Another Upgrade RS-SQL Version 4.05

File Centre News Article

Irvine, California — From the land line telephone to cell phones, the television set to the Internet, history seems to arrange itself around innovations in technology, that turn out to be true game changers. So any records center, in today's fast-moving environment, looking for the pace of change to slow is going to be severely disappointed. In fact, businesses should embrace change because without it, they would likely lose their competitive edge and fail to meet the needs of what most hope to be a growing base of loyal customers.

O'Neil Software understands that companies benefit from change that results in new ways of looking at customers' needs, delivering customer service and strengthening interactions, which is why O'Neil Software recently announced their newest upgrade...RS-SQL Version 4.05 with more new features.

"Change is inevitable. But embrace it and your entire record center can become more efficient and rise to new levels, "notes Ian Thomas, Executive VP of O'Neil Software. "This is why O'Neil continuously upgrades their records storage and management software. We never lose sight of where the industry is headed and how we can apply technology to our customers' operations, to help them achieve greater productivity and profitability."

RS-SQL Version 4.05 is Now Supported on Windows 8 and RSWeb®.NET is Supported on Internet Explorer 10, Keeping Customers Current and on the Cutting Edge. Nowadays, the economy and market conditions aren't the only things subject to change. Computer hardware and software are changing as well. This is precisely why O'Neil is constantly monitoring technology on behalf of their customers, whose investments stand to be impacted.

Predefined Queries - User Grid Enables Fast and Easy Identification of Web User Settings. Several new predefined queries have been added to the User grid related to Web User Settings. Predefined queries automate searches that a user can perform online. Rather than creating a query, entering criteria and running the query, or redoing the query multiple times, the user simply selects a predefined query from the User grid related to Web User Settings. This feature can help with the management of web users by helping to identify which web users have been assigned certain web settings.

User Defined Columns - Customer Transmittal Improves the Speed of Adding Customer Information. Customer transmittal is an importing feature for adding data to existing records. This approach ensures that important data cannot be modified during the import. This feature has now been enhanced to employ the User Defined Columns functionality. It works the same as with importing, which means that customers can create simplified import formats with only the fields of data they wish to change.

Document Query and Post - Load List from File Menu, for Quick Addition to the Workorder. This option is now available in the Document Query and Post dialog from within workorders and was added for customers who use the Documents feature. Now if a client sends a list of documents that need to be delivered, they can be quickly added to the workorder by loading the list.

RSWeb®.NET User Settings Grid Offers More Options for Customers to Choose From. Several additional fields related to model users are now available in the User Settings Grid that can be added as columns, queried on, or sorted by. It also makes updating multiple users, who are tied to a particular model user, faster.

New Scheduling Options Now Available in Long Term Scheduling, Allowing Customers Greater Freedom and Flexibility. Monthly schedules can now be created based on the day and the week within the month (i.e. 3rd Tuesday of the month).

User Access to Sub-Accounts Enables Greater Speed and Efficiency. In the past, users would have to manually select every single account they are assigned. So if a user needed access to an account that had hundreds of departments (Level 2 or 3 Accounts), it would take a long time to get them configured. Now when assigning account access to users, access can now be granted to all sub-accounts through the User Access Add dialog.

RSWeb.NET - Export Allows Users to Include Customized Column Headers Set Up for Customers. Now a customer can quickly export their data into a format that they can use in Excel and not have to remember which column holds which data.

The RS-SQL Utility Feature Keeps Users Better Informed as to What Services are Running. Since services should (typically) only be installed in one location, the user can quickly identify where it is running, where there might be duplication and will also help when the user performs an update and needs to stop all services.

RSMobile® Registration Via the oneilCloud™ is Convenient and Saves Time, so Customers can Focus on Their Business. Upon receipt of a new scanner from O'Neil, customers need only plug it in and initialize. No more typing several long numbers into the system from a label included in the box.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013. Written by Christine Spisto.

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