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Where to get documents shredded?

File Centre News Article
Where to get documents shredded?

If there’s one thing that many businesses don’t concentrate on, it’s their document shredding process. A lot of large corporations prefer to take care of their document shredding and disposal, but others shred their sensitive documents and then don’t dispose of them correctly. A business needs a confidential and secure service to tear and destroy their paperwork. There is also the catch that sometimes, depending on the documents, you have to shred them and dispose of them correctly by law.

Companies that don’t dispose of sensitive paperwork and information in the right manner open themselves up to litigation and they expose their clients. Countless hours are spent by administrative teams up and down the country, feeding documents through shredders, and while this is an excellent way to dispose of valuable information, it’s not foolproof unless you use a professional service like to do it for you. Corporate waste bins and dumpsters still end up filled with confidential documentation and all types of private data that should be eradicated.


The consequences of not disposing of this information correctly can be devastating for business because failure to comply with the Data Protection Act can result in fines that lead up to the hundreds of thousands of pounds. If sensitive information from your clients ends up in a waste bin where the public has access to confidential information, the following could happen:

  • Legal action
  • Loss of customers and clients
  • Damaged public reputation
  • Loss of trust in the business


Every business has different ways of disposing of their documents. Some offices that are paper-intensive have dedicated teams who are disposing of records, and others - the firms who prefer efficiency - bring in an outside source to collect and shred their documents for them before disposing of them securely. The world may be moving to a more digital platform, but records that are scanned into document management systems still need to have original paperwork to work from before doing so. It’s vital that your business know the option when it comes to shredding paperwork, and it’s essential to have an ongoing process to work with.

If your business doesn’t have a secure and internal process for shredding and disposal, it could be time to look at outside companies. File Centre work on your behalf to ensure that your items are destroyed, providing a destruction certificate upon completion. It’s difficult to understand that while you believe that your current shredding process is the best out there, there are times when your shredding is larger and more legible than you think - despite the fact it’s supposed to be confidential. The thing is, most large companies only shred - they don’t cross shred. Cross shredding means that the details on the documents can’t be read.

The Importance of Shredding

Companies that don’t conform to the minimum of European Standards for confidential document shredding and destruction are those that are non-compliant and are liable for fines. With File Centre, the shredding service cross-shreds your documents to DIN level 3, which puts each piece of paper to less than 6mm wide and 50mm long, which is intended to break up any lines of type and offers you the highest levels of protection when shredding your paperwork. If you’re unsure that we can provide you with the right protection, we can either send you a sample of your shredding, or you are welcome to watch your documents being shredded on site with us.


There are plenty of reasons you should be shredding your documentation, whether you are shredding your clients’ information or your business information. Holding onto the documents that you don’t need can pose a threat and expose your business. Taking them to a large shred centre is one thing, but using a dedicated service is a far better idea. Below, you’ll find some of the best reasons that shredding should be a top priority for your business.

It’s The Law

Confidential waste, from addresses and salary details to medical records and medications, have to be disposed of correctly.

Protection For You

Did you know that identity thieves are becoming more prevalent now? Criminals will - and do - stoop to searching through the rubbish to get personal information from people to be able to apply for credit under their name.

It’s A Time Saver

Manual ripping and cutting documents take time, and your administrative staff have better things to do. Using a service that will confidentially collect and shred your files for you can save you the staff hours doing it.

You Keep Your Green Credentials

Most companies work hard to be environmentally friendly and highlighting your green credentials makes your business look good. Recycling paper is one of the best ways that you can show your clients and competitors that you care about the environment and that you should be supported. Shredding makes recycling far more manageable, as paper can be bagged and taken to a recycling point before being turned into something else.

Business Info Is Secure

A business that is worth something will document everything, from meeting notes to staff details. If these documents get into the wrong hands, the result can be detrimental. Shredding documents can allow a business peace of mind that no criminals are rifling through the waste paper bins outside!

Less Chance Of Corporate Espionage

If your business is spending time researching a new service or product, competitors are going to get wind about it. If a competitor gets their hands on this information, your confidential ideas plans for growth could be in jeopardy. This can then lead to a financial loss for your company.

You need to keep the trust of your clients and customers, and part of that is going to be ensuring that you treat their information as confidentially as you would your own. Even if you use a large company right now to shred your documents, consider using File Centre for your shredding needs.

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