We provide you with the peace of mind when it comes to the secure shredding of your documents



So you are asking why I should even consider this:

Save time and money

If you are shredding documents yourself, we can do it in minutes rather than hours

Protect your personal and business information from falling into the wrong hands

Destruction of business reputation if certain client information was made public

Reduce Identity theft by using a firm that shreds to strict standards

Help divert paper from landfill and help the environment, shred and recycle

One off collections or scheduled document shredding service


No capital expenditure


What is on offer?

File Centre provides  FREE   lockable consoles for your office waste paper, designed to fit into the office environment, they are supplied free of charge for the duration of the contract with us. A convenient scheduled rotation schedule that fits your needs will be arranged. The full bags are sealed when collected and exchanged for empty ones on each visit

Contact us today for an office or archive clear out and leave nothing to chance


Dimensions: 910mm (H) x 540mm (W) x 400mm (D)

Capacity:       32-36 kgs

Weight:          21 kgs

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