Confidential and Secure Document Shredding Service

We allow provide a transparent audit trail and certificated level of destruction for all our client's.

We offer our client's a confidential, secure document shredding and destruction service as part of our client management service

File Centre issues to clients regular review lists of boxes or files that are due for destruction. We use extreme care and process control to ensure accuracy in this area. Once barcoded items are verified, clients are supplied with authorisation paperwork and also have the opportunity to personally view the items for destruction. Destruction certificates are issued on completion.

Have you ever had the chance to see the results when you've sent documents for shredding?
You would be shocked to learn how large and legible some of the so-called ‘confidential’ shredded material can be!

If it is just 'shred' rather than 'cross-shred' - ie in two directions - details can often still be read. There are great variations in the industry, with many companies not conforming to even the minimum European standards for confidential document shredding and destruction: some samples obtained by us still have full name and address details legible.

At File Centre we cross-shred your material to DIN level 3, which is less than 6mm wide and 50mm long. This is intended to break up any lines of type and offers you one of the highest levels of protection when shredding your paper documents. It is the recognised European standard for confidential documents. In addition not only do we offer to send you samples of shredding, you are welcome to see your documents being shredded on site.

Once shredded, the paper is reprocessed into recycled goods, helping you to maintain your green credentials. In addition we offer two secure options for collecting material direct from your premises: consoles and wheeliebins. This gives you these advantages:

  • Potentially sensitive data is kept out of the rubbish bin and away from prying eyes of staff and competitors
  • Office clutter is managed in a cost-effective way
  • Rotation schedules can be set up convenient to your needs, or on a 'call as needed' basis

One-off / Ad hoc document shredding
For relocations and file room clear-outs or purges. We can supply waste sacks with numbered security ties or, for large office clear-outs or in preparation to relocate, we can supply 360 litre lockable wheelie bins with a letter slot.

Scheduled service
Collections can take place once a day, once a week, fortnightly or monthly depending on your individual needs. If you require a collection in between your scheduled service all it takes is one simple email or phone call for us to come out to you and collect your paper for confidential destruction.

Secure document destruction service
If you have archiving or boxes that are no longer required we can collect the boxes from your office premises and confidentially destroy them for you, issuing a confidential destruction certificate on the completion of the process. This can be used as an ad-hoc or scheduled service.

Office shredding
File Centre can provide lockable consoles for your office waste paper, keeping potentially sensitive data out of the rubbish bin and away from prying eyes of staff and competitors. Designed to fit into the office environment, they are supplied free of charge for the duration of the contract with us. A convenient rotation schedule that fits your needs will be arranged. The full bags are sealed when collected and exchanged for empty ones on each visit.

Household shredding
We can shred all your household documents for you, securely shredding bank statements and any other documentation that may contain personal information. Order a sack supplied with a numbered seal from us, fill it up, then drop off the documents at our facility, where they will be shredded on our premises. We will supply you with a replacement sack for the next time you require shredding. If you would like to watch your documents being shredded, book a time slot with us and we will be more than happy to accommodate you and your shredding.

File Centre shredding standards include:

  • Audit trail
  • Certificates of destruction
  • Data protection policy incorporating Duty of Care Principle 7 of the Data Protection Act
  • Registration with Data Protection Agency and adherence to data protection policy incorporating Duty of Care DPA 7th principle
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 company
  • Recycled material where possible
  • Registered with the Environment Agency
  • Material destroyed within one working day of arrival at File Centre
  • Recorded CCTV monitoring of the perimeter, with additional coverage provided for the destruction area
  • E-receipts for collections

File Centre staff:

  • are Criminal Records Bureau vetted personnel in accordance with BS7858
  • are uniformed and carry photographic File Centre identification
  • are restricted in the number of authorised personnel who can access the destruction facility
  • have signed Confidentiality Agreements

The material for destruction is:

  • protected from unauthorised access
  • kept in a secure caged destruction area
  • shredded to DIN level 3

File Centre vehicles:

  • are tracked in real time
  • are hard-bodied where used for the transportation of paper
  • are fitted with immobilisers, have central locking and are alarmed

Classified as confidential medium-security, this is the minimum level for disposing of highly personal documents. It is the recommended minimum level security level for sensitive business information such as customer information, accounts and marketing data, draft plans and personnel records.

This is the minimum security level for personal use to dispose of more sensitive items such as credit card and bank statements, utility bills etc. It is the minimum security level for any kind of general use in a business or company.

Only suitable for low-level personal items such as general paperwork and low-sensitivity domestic or household documents. It is not suitable for information that may contain bank account details or passwords and so on.

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