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Yes. RSWeb.net allows you to:

  • order online services and supplies;
  • schedule deliveries;
  • check on the status of service requests;
  • request scanning of documents;
  • define and update item descriptions all from the comfort of your desk 24/7, 365 days a year.

    We provide delivery and collection services for a number of national organisations and government agencies located in (typically) Manchester, Birmingham, Gloucester, Oxford, Swindon, Portsmouth, Southampton, Taunton, Exeter, Bristol and London using our own transport, DX service or secure post.

    Authorised users can retrieve records via our internet service, fax or email using File Centre's unique barcode reference or using your internal file or box reference.

    An account manager will be assigned to deal with all your account queries. We believe in client-centred ideology and offer an attentive service from a friendly environment.

    We supply triple-walled archive boxes, purposefully designed for archive storage, in three sizes:

    • A5: 254 x 127 x 360mm (0.6cuft)
    • A4: 245 x 330 x 385mm (1.1cuft)
    • A3: 245 x 330 x 530mm (1.5cuft)


    You can use your own boxes as long as they are fit for purpose, as it does not make sense to have the additional expense of re-boxing when submitting your initial archive. Our boxes are triple-walled for superior strength and are competitively priced against stationery suppliers whose boxes are generally single-walled.

    Boxes will be replaced if they become unable to safely secure the contents, or the condition of the box means that the contents may become damaged, or the box is unable to be stored or retrieved safely.

    At File Centre we guarantee the boxes we supply for the lifetime that they are in store with us and in the unlikely event that they become unusable they are replaced free of charge.

    Anybody can store documents or data, but the difference with File Centre is that we enable you to retrieve the correct item.

    Trusted to deliver what you want, when you want, where you want, safely and securely.

    If you cannot lift the box comfortably it is probably too heavy. The maximum weight of any box should be no more than 15kg.

    It is worth remembering that:

    • sending staff offsite to a self-store interferes with day-to-day duties;
    • rummaging around looking for boxes and files at a self-store wastes time - but with File Centre, your boxes and files are barcoded, tracked and retrievable;
    • renting empty space to fill later is uneconomic - but with File Centre you only pay for the space you are using;
    • if your own staff are carrying boxes they should have manual handling training and may be off work with back strain or associated injuries - but at File Centre staff are provided with training and supplied with the appropriate equipment to deal with box collections and deliveries.

    File Centre storage has advantages over basements where, inevitably:

    • boxes end up dirty and disorganised - but at File Centre they are clean, dry and traceable;
    • there is a risk of floods damaging your documents - but File Centre is not located in an area susceptible to flooding or on a flood plain, and your documents are not stored near plumbing pipes;
    • security may be a problem - but at File Centre we offer a clean, dry, and secure environment in which to store your boxes.

    File Centre provides the perfect opportunity for you to securely, and cost-effectively, archive your documents and data. We achieve this by:

    • treating your documents and data as a valuable asset;
    • protecting records, not merely storing them;
    • providing the organisation and management of your data;
    • making information available in a searchable, structured, on-demand format;
    • providing easy retrieval of data and records;
    • enabling business continuity.

    File Centre operate secure manned warehouses which are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with proximity entry for authorised personnel only;

    • all personnel are CRB checked;
    • we use satellite-tracked vehicles;
    • we have installed and maintained state-of-the-art security and fire alarm systems which include VESDA.

    We have a dedicated vault where media are stored, in a climate-controlled environment with additional layers of security. Tapes are collected and retrieved on a scheduled basis.

    We can scan your documents as a whole project and supply them on CD to you or, if you just require one document or file, we can scan the item and make it available via our internet site.

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