Our Document scanning services range from a couple of pages to a whole back scanning project if required.

We can undertake the scanning of letters, general office documents, plans, drawings and converting them into PDF / TIFF format which can be stored on CD / DVD or hosted online. The information is easily and quickly retrievable from the data captured from indexing or the document itself

Scanning is typically in black and white at 200dpi but colour scanning can also be undertaken, and at a higher resolution if required.

The original paperwork can be bar-coded and stored in our deep store at low cost or it can be confidentially destroyed in an environmentally friendly manner.

If you would like more information about our document scanning services, please call 0845 450 1074, or get in touch through our dedicated contact page.

Scan Documents on Demand

  • Scan files and documents only when you need them
  • Scan on demand is ideal if there are budgetary constraints
  • Fast turnaround of documents stored offsite
  • No need for repeated retrieval of documents?
  • Secure image retention
  • Images uploaded onto  online document management system, were the scanned image can be retrieved by authorised users via secure login
  • The scanned image can then be downloaded or distributed as you wish
  • Original document bar coded and retained in File Centres secure offsite store
  • Secure storage with fast digital retrieval and distribution

Bureau or Legacy scanning services

  • Large back scanning projects undertaken
  • Black and white, or colour scanning
  • Standard resolution 200 dpi to high resolution scanning of up to 600dpi
  • Scanning of files, deeds and plans, invoices and patient records
  • POD, Finance and pension, Health and safety records
  • Ongoing scanning of company records as part of you electronic document management system
  • Secure storage with fast digital retrieval and distribution

Document scanning benefits

  • Saving on space
  • Time to search for records
  • Availability of records from any location for authorised users
  • Searchable documents
  • Allows for the sharing of information
  • No licence requirements
  • Data entry is done in the UK not offshore
  • Supports disaster recovery
  • Redundancy of data ensured by storing data offsite, on backed up media or online

Rule of thumb of gauging volume of records for document scanning

  • 1 CD equal to 2 full four draw filing cabinets
  • 20,000 images to a Gigabyte, black and white @ 200dpi
  • Approximately 185 pages per inch
  • Approximately 12,000 pages per 4 draw cabinet
  • Approximately 2000 sheets per A4 box

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