We manage the storage of your off-site documents, you manage the access to those documents

With online access to your database you don't lose touch with your documents. We start with well-planned transfer arrangements, and run your contract efficiently - with speedy retrievals from the file storage and the option of backup tape collections and other ancillary services for you.

We use O’Neil software for the management of the boxes and files.
All boxes (and files if required) are uniquely barcoded on entry to our store and scanned into barcoded locations. All transactions, from retrieval to re-filing, use barcodes allowing us to track the movements of an item fully. For a retrieval from our file storage, we can tell you the times and the personnel responsible for the item until it is delivered to you, and the same for the return journey.

We provide a definitive off-site document management system to maintain the chain of custody.
RSWeb provides you with secure real-time web access directly to your database 24/7, 365 days a year. This gives you a powerful and convenient new way to manage your document records and place orders. Even though the document storage is off site at our facility, you have control over your own records and document management. You can initiate requests for service and accomplish many basic account management tasks such as data entry. This results in fewer errors and faster service.

If you need to visit our premises to view your off-site documents, we can have the files ready for you in our reading room with 4 hours notice.

Self-store units and storage in the basement of your business premises may be tempting - but as a specialist storage facility, File Centre offers a better way than self-storage for archiving business records.

The disadvantages of renting a self-store unit:

  • sending staff offsite to a self-store unit interferes with day-to-day duties - but with File Centre there is no employee time away from the desk and no chance of employee sabotage;
  • hiring a van or loading boxes into your car to get them to the self-store and unloading them is time-consuming - File Centre handles all of this;
  • rummaging around looking for boxes and files at the self-store facility wastes time - whereas at File Centre, your boxes and files are barcoded, tracked and retrievable;
  • renting empty space to fill later is uneconomic - but for File Centre you only pay per box;
  • if your own staff are carrying boxes they should have manual handling training - but the File Centre staff are provided with training and supplied with the appropriate equipment to deal with box collections and deliveries, leaving you with no Health & Safety concerns;
  • self-store units have general access - but with File Centre there is no general access, it is a secure facility, maintaining confidentiality and an established chain of custody.

The disadvantages of storing boxes in the basement:

  • even if you invest in racking, boxes can end up dirty and disorganised - but at File Centre they are clean, dry and traceable;
  • there is a risk of floods damaging your documents - but File Centre is not located in an area susceptible to flood, and documents are not stored near plumbing pipes;
  • security may be a problem - but File Centre storage facilities offer a clean, dry, and secure environment in which to store your boxes.

Box and File Storage

File Centre offers a cost-effective, efficient, controlled record off-site document management service, using portable data terminals (PDTs) throughout to ensure verification and accuracy. What we offer can be tailored to your particular needs. You might need regular access, or occasional recall, or rarely need access.

We don’t look inside the boxes, we track complete boxes and not the contents. When requested, we deliver the whole box, which for some customers is appropriate. However, there is the risk of other people in the office ‘borrowing’ from the box while it is on site and a file going astray. We do not have a minimum order level: required deliveries are on an individual box basis.

The document box is barcoded and so are some or all of the files inside. If the file is self-contained, we can deliver it to your premises and return it to the same place later while the box stays in storage. You may only need access to one file - so why have the whole box?

The tracking of a file is complete in that we can tell you who within your office last requested and returned a file, with associated dates and times. Once the title has been barcoded, a full history of movement is recorded. Recall may be by file number or box number/file title or by the inventory service if used. There are two options:

  • 1 - All files barcoded: with this option we automatically create an accurate inventory at the time of submission, with recall by file number or title.
  • 2 - Some files barcoded: with this option, files within a box are only barcoded when recalled. This means that the contents of a storage box are only verified when a request is made and the inventory is built up over time, but there are cost-savings in the long run as a file which is never accessed never gets barcoded.

Involves boxes being held with rare or no access required. This is often suitable for a client for whom we have arranged an imaging service and they only require the archive box when a physical document is required rather than a scanned image. Other clients require archives to be kept for legal reasons but rarely need access.

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