In addition to the box and file storage services we offer

Off site Backup
We keep tapes in a fireproof facility and offer a daily collection and return service - a means to comply with insurance requirements to keep backup tapes off-site and as part of your disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Tapes can be transported in watertight, airtight, shatter-resistant cases if required.

Microfilm and Imagaing
We scan your files and supply them as digital files or microfilms - then we usually keep the originals in deep storage, appropriately barcoded.

Stationery Storage
We store your stationery and with a regular call-off date we replenish supplies at your site – and keep a supply safe for contingencies.

Furniture Storage
We take the office furniture which you don’t need at the moment but may later (and store it separately from the boxes and files.

Storage Boxes
We can supply triple-walled boxes for superior strength, with separate lids, these are delivered flat-packed with instructions for making-up.

A5: 254 x 127 x 360mm (0.6 cubic feet)
A4: 245 x 330 x 385mm (1 cubic foot)
A3: 245 x 330 x 530mm (1.5 cubic feet)

Day to Day Operations

At File Centre we aim to provide our customers with a service that far exceeds generally accepted standards and contractually specified requirements. We have taken the quality issue as fundamental to our business planning and have achieved a high standard of customer service and care. We are constantly striving to improve upon our existing standards and regularly review both our policies and our practices.

We have in place a quality management system to ensure that our customers always receive the highest standard of service. It consists of a document and computer based record system which enables the operational and customer liaison teams to communicate effectively and accurately. Regular quality meetings are convened to monitor the service currently being provided.

File Centre is aware of the need for maintaining and improving standards and as part of this process has attained registration to BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 and to BS EN ISO 14001:2004.


We use O'Neil RSB Web software.

“Committed to leading the industry, the name O’Neil has become synonymous with accuracy, flexibility, experience and delivering results in records storage management. For 25 years software solutioneers for over 850 records centres in more than 60 countries.”

At File Centre we understand that your organisation’s reference may already be unique and our database records your own codes alongside ours, allowing quick and easy retrieval from either reference. The database assumes that your reference will also be unique and so does not allow duplications with the same client code.

The barcodes system we use provides unique references within our warehouse, no two items have the same code. The labels are self-adhesive and are designed to adhere to the box or file for its lifetime.

Our database holds barcodes and information on content, review dates, destruction dates and forms the basis of the inventories. When we collect new items the database recognises the new barcode and at this point we add the information that needs to be recorded on a new item in accordance with our service agreement with you. No boxes can be submitted to storage without a barcode.

Inventories tell us which boxes are in and out of store and can provide the full history of the movements of an item at the touch of a button. They can be searched on the smallest amount of information - just part of a name on a file within a box may be enough for us to track it down.

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